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Rempel & his companion will talk with PNJ.

Encounters will be on the overworld map. When they’ll see you, they’ll chase you for a few seconds.


No it won’t. However, some optional passages may have a high difficulty compared to the general level of the area.

We can’t answer it for now as we need to test the game first. This question will be updated when we have an answer!

We can’t answer now for the final game. Obviously the demo will be free. The game will probably pay off, but at a very reasonable price.

Graphically, yes. Technically, the fights will keep the traditional RPGs codes : turn-based.

The game will initially be available in English and French. If volunteers wish to export the game in other languages, it would be a pleasure!

We started the developpement in August 2019. Feerey joined the team October 13th 2020.

For the demo, no crowdfunding. We don’t have anything planned for afterwards, we prefer to focus on the demo. This could evolve according to the feedback we get on the demo!

We are using RPG MAKER MV, and some extra plugins added to it.

No it won’t. It’ll be out when the game is out. However, we could reveal some excerpts for those who are eager to listen to the OST.

The game will wink at other games but will not be a fangame. No cameo so, no appearance of other characters from other games. We want to emphasize the fact that it will not be a fangame.

No it isn’t. We are still brainstorming some ideas. If you have some suggestions, don’t hesitate to notify us!

So far the three of us are doing very well together :

  • Feerey is the Artistic Director,
  • Loueye is the Lead Developer and Writer,
  • Ɖdouard is in charge of the music,
  • JB is the Community Manager

But maybe we’ll need some helping hands in the future. If we change our mind, we’ll let you know! šŸ™‚

Yes! You can:

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There’s a lot to do!

Of course! It’ll featureĀ PROLOGUEĀ andĀ CHAPTER 1. However, no release date planned for now. We hope to release it for the end of 2020, but nothing sure.

Not for now. We want to take our time to provide you the best experience and story we can!

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