Weekly Update #3 – Making characters…

By Loueye, Monday June 15, 2020

Hi everyone, Loueye here. Like last week, here we are for a new update. Not much, to be honest, but we still have some news to share! Feerey has been hard working on PROLOGUE characters, and Rempel’s animations such as emotions. It has been really hard, but the results are really cool.

Our sleepy little boy.

As I said before, we were also working on NPCs, and we finally are proud of them. Let me show you two of them, here are the Meriblops! Slimy people living in Merigold, they have a flower on their head, but why…? You’ll see in the demo!

Bloppy ones!

While Feerey is working on characters, I’m starting to import spritesheets in RPG Maker, and this week I’ll really start making the game and make alive our characters. We still have a lot to do by the end of the year: battles, animations, cutscenes… We are still hoping to release the demo by December.

We are also glad to see our Discord server gradually growing, and making new fanarts. Some of you has been posting awesome stuff, and the TEAM COMET is really thankful for that. You can find every fanarts on our Twitter account!

And that’s all for today! I hope these updates are keeping you interested by STARRY ISLAND. We are working really hard in order to make the best we can. Here’s another screenshot, to end this update. See you in our next update, next week. Until then, take care, see you soon, ciao!

Weekly Update 3 - STARRY ISLAND by The Team Comet

Big bushes…


Game Dev


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Weekly Update #3 – Making characters…
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