Weekly Update #2 – PROLOGUE maps finished & Rempel Revealed

By Loueye, Monday June 8, 2020

Hi everyone, Loueye here. Here we are for a new update about the development of STARRY ISLAND. Feerey has been working hard on tilesets and sprite animations, while I was Level Designing the maps of the Prologue. It was hard and we encountered some issues with animated Tiles. Indeed, we wanted to animate simple things as water. However we realized that our tiles weren’t matching the standards of RPG MAKER MV. There were some glitches, you might say.


It’s too glitchy for me. 


We tried several things to solve this and we finally managed to find a solution!

Really Cool Water - STARRY ISLAND

Our heroes can finally look into the deep waters of this strange Mine… 


We are proud to also say that our Composer, Edouard, made the first BGM of the game! It’s the first area theme, and it’s amazing, we promise. We hope that you’ll like it too!

We also are delighted to see your theories about the first main character of STARRY ISLAND. You can’t imagine how satisfying and touching your draws and fanarts are to us. We’re eager to see more! Don’t hesitate to send us your stuff about STARRY ISLAND, we would be glad to add some in our blogposts! Here’s one from TWiild! You can see the others on this Twitter Thread.

Another big news : last week, we revealed the first protagonist, Rempel, to you. We hope that, like us, you’ll like this little one. Some questions remains around him: “why The Human One?”, for instance. But we’ll let you theorize about it…

His design has been such a pain to make (the most difficult since the beginning of the project, by far!), but we are really proud of it. You can see the reveal video on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the second protagonist, that has much mystery around him! However we’ll keep secret for now…

We also got the first Rempel fanart of STARRY ISLAND ever, by Meno, and it’s awesome. Thank you everyone for the fanarts, I can assure you that I keep them on my desktop and sometimes look at them to give me more determination and passion in what we make.

That’s all for today folks! See you in our next update, next week. Until then, take care, see you soon, ciao!


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Weekly Update #2 – PROLOGUE maps finished & Rempel Revealed
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