Weekly Update #1 – Who is that…!?

By Loueye, Monday June 1, 2020

Hi everyone, Loueye here. As promised, here’s our weekly blogpost! Last week has just been wonderful. We can’t thank you enough for the feedback you gave us. We’re still working hard on STARRY ISLAND: Feerey has been working on the PROLOGUE & CHAPTER 1 tileset. We’ve been able to make some of the first maps, and we’re really delighted to see our project taking life!

I’d like to take the opportunity of this article to remind you that we have opened a Discord Server that you can join here. Don’t worry if you’re English or French, we’ll be glad to chat with you there!

In the next weeks, we’ll be able to introduce you to the first area you’ll visit when you’ll start the game… We want to wait a few more before showing you some maps because the main tileset isn’t really finished yet 🙂

And today we wanted to give you a first glimpse about our first main character…

Who is he? In your opinion, what’s his appearance? His clothes? What is his favourite food? We’ll let you theorize about him on our Discord Server… Hope to see you there! Until then, take care, see you soon, ciao!

The Team Comet is deeply sadened by what’s happening in the USA at the moment and wants to show its fullest support for those who experience racism. #BlackLivesMatters


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Weekly Update #1 – Who is that…!?
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