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Kids who have fallen from stars. A strange, fantastic world.

You are not from this world...
Are you ?

Watch the reveal teaser here:

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About STARRY ISLAND (Working Title)...

About the game:

Starry Island (Working Title) is a RPG-Based game where you play 2 kids from another world, trying to find their way back home. As you're a clever player, you understand that it won't be as easy as you think...

More informations later this year!
That weird capsule...

Game Requirements (untested):

  • OS : Windows Vista or later
  • VIDEO CARD : OpenGL 2.1 compatible

Quick Q&A:

Not for now. We want to take our time to provide you the best experience and story we can!

Of course! It'll feature PROLOGUE and CHAPTER 1. However, no release date planned for now. We hope to release it for the end of 2020, but nothing sure.

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